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    Perfect Ambassadors - Shen Yun in New Jersey


    by NTDTelevision

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    Shen Yun Performing Arts is nearing the end of its world tour, and will return to New York's Lincoln Center next month for a five-show run, with a new "best of the best" special program. The company gave a performance at the State Theater in New Jersey over the weekend.

    An anchor from one of the world's largest financial media agencies took her sons to see Shen Yun Performing Arts in New Jersey over the weekend.

    [Betty Liu, Bloomberg News Anchor]:
    "The costumes are beautiful. The colors. The way it's all choreographed. It's just all so well put together. I expected that anyway, but just the visual element of all of this is beautiful."

    [Betty Liu, Bloomberg News Anchor]:
    "My motivation for bringing my two children is I wanted them to learn more about Chinese culture. My family is from Shanghai and growing up in the United States I knew that I always wanted to stay close to my culture, so I wanted to bring my children here so they would learn more about China and Chinese history."

    [Larry Bagley, Investment Broker]:
    "Very thoughtful too, very mindful. It makes you think, it makes you understand, that there is a higher power that we need to be cognizant of."

    [Betty Liu, Bloomberg News Anchor]:
    "I know there's a big performance at Lincoln Center, and I think a lot of my friends who live in New York City would really appreciate it. I was telling them a bit about the performance today."

    [Steve Sexton, Senior Police Officer]:
    "All the participants in Shen Yun are the perfect ambassadors for our two cultures."

    In a little over a month's time, Shen Yun will return to Lincoln Center in New York City for five shows.

    NTD News, New Jersey