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In their hands (http://www.detourshenry.eu/en)

il y a 7 ans53 views

Page web for this documentary: http://www.detourshenry.eu/en/ith.html

In Their Hands follows the psychotherapies of people, whose lives are all but broken by acts of extreme violence. As they slowly regain the confidence to speak, they are brought to face their unthinkable because inhumane past. To curb the pain, to stay clear from insanity and protect their loved ones from the rage that lies deep within, to be understood, and to be recognised are the goals they pursue. In the process, the torturer resurfaces, only this time his true nature is revealed. Just another human being who has been methodically shaped into a persecutor by a deliberately destructive political system. In many ways, these therapies are a political therapy for us all.

2011, 89 min, 16/9, color, HDcam. Arab, French, Khmer and Serbo-Croatian. Subtitled versions in Dutch, English, French and German. Sales: Moa distribution (Switzerland), Doc & Film (international)

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In their hands (http://www.detourshenry.eu/en)
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