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YETI Le cri de l'homme des neiges (bande-annonce)

il y a 7 ans838 views

1933 , the Himalayas, the Kingdom of Nepal

Tengui, the Sherpa, is a village doctor. As usual after the great rains, he leaves his village to gather medicinal plants in the mountains, the ones that grow really high up under the roof of the world. This year for the first time, he is taking his son, Nache, with him to teach the boy the secrets of the plants.

Tengui has spent his life looking for the snow orchid, a flower with exceptional medicinal properties.
As they climb, Tengui falls into a deep crevasse. His son, unable to help his father, runs off to find help in the village.

Tengui is on the verge of death when a hairy hand pulls him out of the crevasse. When he regains consciousness he sees he is imprisoned in an immense cave and is stunned to discover the body of a child Yeti, killed by hunters.

The cave is the den of the Yeti, and the gigantic animal is about to return...