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Kayane (Talim) VS DTN (Nightmare) Soul Calibur II at Japan Expo 2004

il y a 7 ans438 views

Here is a tournament match against the French SC2 Champion DTN (Dan The Nightmare) at Japan Expo 2004. I was 13years old at this period. DTN has been considered as the world champion during a long time (he won the SC2 Tournament at EVO2003 where he represented France alone!) This is the last match of the set that i won 3-0, that was the first time I took Talim instead of Xianghua in tournament. At first, nobody played Talim in France, she was considered as a low tier character, but i liked the way i could play aggressive with her and took her as a secondary character to prove she could be very strong if we understand the good way to play with her. But I lost in Semi-Final and in Looser bracket he took revenge and beat me 2-3 if I remember well. (I took Xiang and Talim at this set)