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    Doctors Strike Demanding Protection from Patient Retaliations in India


    by NTDTelevision

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    Patients at a government-run hospital in India are forced to endure more pain as junior doctors continued their two-week long strike. They want the deployment of special protection force in the hospital premises to be reinstated immediately.

    Hundreds of doctors are continuing their strike in the government-run Niloufer Hospital in Hyderabad, India.

    They've been demanding protection against violent retaliation by desperate relatives of patients who may have died or been refused treatment at the hospital.

    [Dr. Samina, Striking Doctor]:
    "That is the only demand we are doing and that is to have a peaceful environment here for our work and because ours is maternity hospital, here there are many terminals staged children being brought here who are about to die and so it becomes a very sensitive area here and doctors are always under a threat from the relatives of the child who is brought here."

    The hospital says the strike is not affecting patient services.

    [Dr. C Sidappa Gaurav, Medical Superintendent]:
    "We have drafted doctors from various departments and we are giving utmost care to the patients and we are treating all the patients who are coming to the Niloufer Hospital. We are not denying any treatment to any of the fellows and they are taking adequate measures to treat the patients, to undertake the surgeries and nobody is refused treatment in this hospital because of the junior doctors strike."

    Junior doctors have stepped up their two-week long protest by not attending to emergencies.