My best bits will look like it was done in one day


by james32_



even though i know that they're not an item anymore am still crazy waiting for james vid. they once in their life love each other.we dnt know the real truth but its not 4 us to judge them.they were in love but fell out of love for reasons we dnt know happy 4 them now. xxx
By 24mahal 4 years ago
with all of you there was so much I missed as I only had live feed late on. To be honest it was a nightmare having it as I only had 3 hours sleep a night and hated going to work coz I'd miss it and got very anti-social. I would be in a bad mood if John and Josie had had a row wanted to knock their heads together so many times. Have noticed that John does have his fav clothes that he wore all the time outside the house too noticed it in the what they did next thing. Miss these two being together and hate that its got nasty and is dividing fans - love seeing all your comments xxx
By giwwy 4 years ago
not having live feed i missed so much, i log on to see BB all over again, the missing bits and there so many. only for James i would never have guessed that john really fancied josie.a whole different BB. thank you James for all your hard work . thank you for the JUST JOSIE thought i was going to have to wait weeks before i saw it, no channel5 in eirexxxxxxxxx
By islesxx 4 years ago
Ok so I popped back in sooner than I thought,you know what I wish though, that someone would finish the Big Brother story for us.I have learnt through watching these that there were so many bits I missed and I just want to know how much of the last few days I missed too. Does anyone out there feel the same : ) xx
By gettinangry 4 years ago
Didn't realise BB had nicked their clothes - poor John - so NOT 'loving it'! Never mind John - as it happens, you had plenty of time left to wear different stuff for your best bits! Thanks James - still totally hooked on BB and you supply such good fixes! XXX
By Bran84 4 years ago