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    Colombia Extradites Venezuelan Drug-Trafficking Lord


    by NTDTelevision

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    An accused drug lord is sent back to his native Venezuela after being captured in Colombia. But he claims he worked with the Venezuelan army and government officials in his billion dollar drug operation. Here's more.

    Suspected drug lord Walid Makled was back in his native Venezuelan on Monday, after being extradited from Colombia.

    Makled, also known as "The Turk," is suspected of being one of the world's biggest traffickers, helping ship tons of Colombian cocaine to the United States.

    Sought for extradition by both the United States and Venezuela, Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos decided to hand Makled over to Chavez, highlighting improved relations between the two Andean countries.

    Makled, who boasts of a $1.2 billion fortune, claims he has worked with a network of Venezuelan army and government officials managing trafficking rings.

    Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, has denied the claims.

    But he will now be under scrutiny to see if Makled receives a fair and open trial, or is kept under wraps as a governement operative.