Je m'appelle Boby - Short Version (ENGLISH SUBTITLES)

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Hello Everyone,

My name is joe damien. I am an American living in Paris, France. I have just completed an album in French entitled "Je m'appelle Boby" (English translation: "My name is Boby"). The album title comes from the name of a very special dog named Boby, who lived in my neighborhood in the sixth arrondissement in Paris. He was, I am sad to say, a victim of cancer and passed away on May 7, 2010. The courage that Boby displayed each and every day including but not limited to his never ending smile, jolly tail wagging, his constant attentiveness to his owner, and of course, the sight of his giant happy-go-lucky tongue, filled me with admiration and made me seriously doubt that I could ever summon such nobility and courage when facing a similar adversity.
The picture at the end of the video is the real Boby. I look at it each and every day. I miss him terribly.

A chacun son chant.
Voici le mien.

joe damien

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