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    by GelliteCandles

    http:// What is the best way to trim the wick on a candle? While you can use scissors to trim the wick on your candle, it is not very practical if the jar is tall or thin. The best option is a quality steal wick trimmer. Available in either pewter or in black. This 7" long wick trimmer will be able to reach down into the tallest candle jars with no problems. and the specially designed tray will catch any debris when the wick is trimmed.
    If you have ever had issues trimming the wicks of your candles, or you just want to make it easier to trim your candle wicks to the the recommended 1/4" height to give your candle the best burning results, then this wick trimmer is the one for you.
    High quality steal will last you for years and handle all of your candle wick trimming needs.