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    "While I Was Learning to Become God" presents "A Rainbow of Love"

    Arnaud Saint-Paul

    by Arnaud Saint-Paul

    ‟Jesus answered them: Is it not written in your law:
    I have said you are gods?"
    John 10:34

    "While I Was Learning to Become God" by Roxana Jones
    Roxana's facebook page:
    Available in Hardcover, Paperback, e-book: (link to Amazon)

    Chapter I - The RED of the burning fire
    Chapter II - The ORANGE of the bittersweet citric
    Chapter III - The YELLOW of the brilliant sun
    Chapter IV - The GREEN of the abundant nature
    Chapter V - The BLUE of the calm and peaceful sky
    Chapter VI - The INDIGO of pure knowledge
    Chapter VII - The VIOLET of the final transmutation
    Chapter VIII - The WHITE of the return to innocence

    Video by Arnaud Saint-Paul,
    Music by Moshon Shabah,

    Available in Hardcover and Paperback: (link to Amazon)
    Available in Kindle format: (link to Amazon)