Ballad of the Arab and the Jew

Mark Stanton Reade

von Mark Stanton Reade

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This folk peace song video clip is part 2 of a new music video trilogy that I have titled: "Let us make the world survive!" Part 1 has been "Symphony of the friends of the Earth", a classical symphonic work. Part 3 was named: "Legend of the boy upon the giant turtle", a folk peace song once again. While part 1 rather is some general invitation to join the friends of the earth and culminating in an appeal to put an end to atom energy, part 2 deals with the prevention of war between members of the human race (the long-standing conflict between Arabs and Jews being only exemplary here, for, of course, there are also many others existing around the globe) and part 3 with the necessary protection of our environment and the animals.

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