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    10/17 King George W. Bush


    by PB


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    Keith Calls Bill O'Reilly "The Worst Person In The World" at least once or twice a week, however, O'Reilly's Show is the Number 1 Rated News Show every week. It has been for 5 years. Hey Keith, Your Show rates somewhere between Sucking Ass and Total S^%T. Keith, Bashing O'Reilly is not working, go back to something that works, like the news, yea, remember when you did the straight up news??? It's not to late to salvage your career. Real News, Remember, Real News.....It's a shame that you small minded coolaid drinking morons can't figure it out for your self!!!!
    VISIT: Read All About This Ass Hole!!!
    By KeithOlbermannSucks9 years ago