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    Matt McAlister: Gamifying Investigative Journalism



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    Matt McAlister: Gamifying Investigative Journalism
    Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism - Journalism School Library
    Collective Work

    Generative Media Network

    This interactive slide show is the work of Matt McAlister and looks at the challenge journalism faces with the rise of social networking and the resulting change in how people receive news.

    The 3-day Logan Symposium now in its 5th year, serves a number of key constituencies. Culling together a group of dedicated investigative reporters, academics, philanthropists, media experts and graduate students, the invite only event is an industry must. Once a humble commitment to host an annual lecture in the name of its benefactors, the Logan Symposium quickly rose in popularity as "one of the most influential events of its kind," according to the Seattle Times. Covered and attended by a veritable ‘who’s who' in investigative reporting, the conference dissects controversial topics in the field, hosts internationally renowned panelists, and examines key factors of change in investigative reporting.