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    Protesters Offer Slum Water to Indian Billionaire


    by NTDTelevision

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    While many residents of India's Mumbai struggle with water shortages, one billionaire it taking plenty of it. Protesters showed up at the billionaire's house with water from the slums to make a point. Here's more.

    In western Mumbai, protesters brought bottles of water from the slums to the Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani on Thursday.

    It has been reported that more than 100,000-liters of water are used in a month at the businessman's residence in a city that faces an acute water crisis.

    Activists say sarcastically they have come to give Ambani more water.

    [Sanjay Shinde, Activist]:
    "We have heard that in the house of Mukesh Ambani thousands liters of water are used every month. We have come to give him a letter, and water collected from various slums. If there is shortage of water, we are willing to give more. We came here to say this and to protest."

    After registering their protest and handing in their letter, the activists left in a police van.