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    Australian Police Make Record Methamphetamine Bust


    by NTDTelevision

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    Now we go to Australia, where Federal Police seized more than 53 million dollars worth of the drug methamphetamine. The drugs were seized in a series of raids in Perth and Sydney.

    Australian Federal Police announced on Thursday they had seized a record 527 pounds of methamphetamine—or the 'ice' drug—worth $53-million U.S. dollars.

    The drugs were seized in a string of raids in Perth and Sydney. A Dutch national, a Belgian, and two Australians were arrested and charged with trafficking and possession.

    The Australian Federal Police said the most of the drugs were confiscated in an April raid in an apartment block located in a Sydney suburb. The drugs were hidden in a specially designed van.

    More than 1.8 -tons of drugs were seized by the Australian Federal Police in less than a year.

    [Ken Zuccato, Australian Federal Police]:
    "We have made unprecedented seizures in terms of cocaine, unprecedented seizure in terms of heroin, and now we have made a very large seizure in relation to methamphetamine."

    The police also seized cash and a semi-automatic pistol.