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    S. Korean Military Discusses Readiness for Possible Conflict with North


    by NTDTelevision

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    South Korea's military leaders held an annual meeting in Seoul today to discuss security issues. On the agenda are military reforms and whether South Korea's military is ready for a potential attack from the North.South Korea's top brass held their annual meeting on Friday to discuss security issues.

    The country's Defense Minister Kim Kwan-jin presided over the meeting attended by about 150 military leaders including chiefs of army, naval and air force operations. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Han Min-koo also joined the meeting.

    Top commanders and senior officers discussed North Korea's latest military movements, and the South's readiness in the face of a possible attack.

    Critics have accused South Korea's military of being slow and weak in their response to last year's attacks from the North--when 50 South Koreans were killed. In March, the defense ministry unveiled a series of military reforms, including fast-tracking the purchase of fighter jets and spy planes.