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    Star Wars Day - Holiday Traditions - May the 4th be With You

    Sam Proof

    by Sam Proof


    How Do you celebrate Star Wars Day? Aka May the 4th, the Day Before Cinco de Mayo?

    Star Wars Day was Wednesday, and I’ve been thinking. This has been around for a while, and yet there’s really no proper way to celebrate it. Basically all it means is people post a ton of links and pictures on their twitter, tumblr or whatever website.

    Like I did on and I kind of Overdosed on it.

    Check out these Star Wars Posts:

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    Animals in SW Costumes

    Epic Star Wars Art

    The Ultimate Slave Leia cosplay Photo Gallery

    I think we should establish some traditions. So do you have any Star Wars day traditions? So far all I have is you say “May the 4th be with you” a whole lot… till people punch you.

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