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    Unlock 9930 & 9900 Blackberry Bold touch sim by code ...


    by cellunlockernet

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    This is a tutorial and instructions on how you can unlock your Blackberry Bold 9900/9930 to free its network.

    *Note: make sure you have enough attempts to enter the code*

    Once it is unlocked, it is permanently unlocked even after upgrading the firmware or the OS.

    Once you place your order, we will INSTANTLY send you via email after you place your order:

    1. Unlock code for Blackberry 9900/9930 (mep2 code, mep4 code, network code, service provider code)

    2. Detailed unlocking instructions

    In order to unlock your phone, we require your IMEI number. You can find this by pressing *#06# on your phone as if you are making phone call.

    Your IMEI number is always 15-17 digits long.

    Blackberry Bold 9900/9930 Unlocking Instructions:

    Note: NO SIM is needed to unlock the phone.

    1) Go to options, device settings, advanced system settings, simcard
    2) Type in mepd using the keyboard (nothing will show on screen)
    3) Type in mep2 another screen pops up for the code
    4) Enter the code, remember you ONLY have 10 chances to get it right
    5) Press the enter key


    1) Power on
    2) Go to Settings
    3) Go to Options
    4) Go to Advanced Options
    5) Go to Sim Card
    6) HOLD ALT and press: mepd, and then after the screen changed press mep2 (Please note that you will NOT see what you type on the screen) *
    7) It will ask you for the unlock code. Enter it and then press trackball to confirm and your phone is unlocked!

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