Elephants Face Water Scarcity in East Indian Sanctuary

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With rising temperatures in eastern India, water is becoming more and more scarce. And for elephants at one wildlife sanctuary, it's no better... but officials are doing what they can to make sure the giant pachyderms are able to make it through.

With the onset of summer and rising temperatures, the authorities at Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary in India's Jharkhand state are having a tough time providing drinking water to elephants.

A forest official says if the shortage continues, elephants will be forced to migrate toward Dimna Lake in search of water.

[Samim Akhtar Beg, Forest Official]:
"There are more than 60 water holes in Dalma, out of which around 40 have gone dry. For more water, boring is needed. Elephants are facing lots of problem due to water scarcity and if they don't get enough water then the chances are that they may move towards city to Subarnarekha River or Dimna Lake.”

Forest rangers are also making deep water holes for the elephants.

Apart from the animals in the sanctuary, people living in the cities are also facing a scarcity of water.

Thousands have already migrated, leaving their homes and property behind, going to nearby districts or other states.