National Hymn Of The United States Of The Earth

Mark Stanton Reade

von Mark Stanton Reade

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If I'd like to do a little joke with you I could say right now: "Please, ladies and gentlemen, rise from your seats! - The National Hymn of The United States of The Earth! The first and only one!" Why, that's exactly the reason why I wrote it, there are so many of them around the globe dedicated to individual countries but I think it indeed very important to have one for the Earth itself, too, if we want to ensure her surviving! The people living on it must start identifying themselves with their home planet, the Earth, in the same way as with their own countries before things can change positively! The fate of every one of us is extremely closely woven with the fate of our planet. In the meantime the environmental situation has even become more and dangerous for the living generation on earth, too, and no more just for those ones that might follow us!

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