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    Dwarfina 05.05.2011 Part 05


    by soultak3r05

    In the finale this Friday, Dwarfina (Heart Evangelista) makes it to Mt. Kamurayaw, and realizes how great of a responsibility lies in her small hands. As the appointed leader of the Duwende Kingdom, it is now up to Dwarfina to save the mound and what remains of her mother’s legacy.

    Upon her arrival, Romera confronts Yna and challenges her to a duel. Will Dwarfina successfully assert her power, and put an end to this evil villain? Or will she suffer the same fate in the hands of the person who killed Abiana (Jackielou Blanco)?

    Meanwhile, Lyndon (Dennis Trillo) prepares for his own battle in an effort to rescue his ladylove. Gwendina (Pauleen Luna) unexpectedly joins his group and turns against her mother Romera. Did Gwendina really have a change of heart, or is it just a ploy to manipulate the dwarfs?

    If and when Dwarfina and Lyndon both survive, will they choose to remain in the Duwende World, not to mention their current state? Will they get their happy ending in the end?