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    Red Shirt Leaders Arrive in Thai Court for Breaking Bail Conditions


    by NTDTelevision

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    The leader of Thailand's Red Shirt anti-government protesters were at Bangkok's criminal court Wednesday. They're facing charges that they breached their bail conditions which prevent them from giving speeches and organizing gatherings.

    Leaders of Thailand's Red Shirt anti-government protesters arrived at a Bangkok court on Wednesday... charged with breaching their bail conditions.

    The leaders are facing charges of starting unrest in the Thai capital that lead to a deadly clash with police. They were granted bail in March under special conditions.

    They are allowed to participate in political gatherings but not allowed to organize them or give speeches.

    Prosecutors say in a gathering on April 10th one of the speeches made by leader Jatuporn Promphan was offensive to the monarchy.

    That gathering was to commemorate the one year anniversary of the first violent incident in the lead up to the three months of political turmoil in Thailand back in 2010.

    The lawyer for the Red Shirts says the other leaders had nothing to do with Jatuporn's controversial address.

    He says withdrawal of bail for other Red Shirt leaders is not warranted.

    Still no word on the court's decision on the leaders' bail.