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    Bill Nye is great on the metric system, but Scipture is sure. Psalm 89:37 speaks of the moon as “a faithful witness in heaven.” That is, the moon is a witness to the sun’s light. The moon reflects light; it is not a lightsource itself. For more see:
    Danny Faulkner, a convinced creationist, is an Astronomy prof. @ the Univ. of South Carolina. He is also the Chair, Division of Math, Science, Nursing & Public Health.
    Jason Lisle, of the Creation Museum in KY, has a Ph.D. in Astrophysics from the Univ. of Colorado.
    Ned aka "NOA"
    By NedOriginActivist5 years ago
    Bill Nyes issue in my opinion was he said the bible was wrong. I suppose those in the audience were not expecting controversy from Bill Nye. About God or anything else I suppose. Like Penn Pointed out the audience could have blown off the comment by saying it is a light reflected or otherwise.
    By Thumpjumper5 years ago