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    Random (Mega Ran) - KIA Music Part 2


    by megaran2

    When Ran first heard the "Maybach Music" series of tracks by Rick Ross and co, he was pretty impressed...amazed even, that someone would spend time on such an epic beat talking about a car that most listeners couldn't afford. He decided, in true Teacher/Rapper/Hero fashion, to bring it down to earth for the people, and "Kia Music" was born, on Ran's 2009 TeacherRapperHero mixtape. Now, with a sequel on the horizon, Random (aka Mega Ran) attacks the newest installment with "Kia Music Part 2." For the ballers...on a budget.

    TeacherRapperHero 2: The 2 Week Notice is dropping Memorial Day 2011, mixed by DJ DN3.

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