They'll stick with you though, fans are like that

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John James, Sam, Dave, Andrew, JJ and Mario discuss who's going to be evicted on semifinal night (day 72). Sam is convinced John James will make it to the finale, while Dave, JJ and John James himself think John James has done too much damage and his fans will have deserted him. John James thinks the way he's behaved, the way he hasn't cared what the public think, that's earned him more haters than anyone else (quite true) and it probably turned off anyone who was once his fan (not so true)


i dont know bb decided this to evict instead of save. what a cheek. thats why the final was not really exciting because some hms were boring. really super boring. thanks james for being tatient with us.
By 24mahal 3 years ago
If only it had been a vote to save we would have had a much better final. Josie, John James, Dave, Sam and either JJ or Andrew would have been a much more entertaining final 5 for what was a great series of BB . . . . . . can we have a re-run please ??? ;-) Great to see a new clip James, you had me worried when you were missing for a few days. Hope you were off doing exciting things. x
By LynDee 3 years ago