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The French photographer Franck VOGEL presents his huge fresco in the Parisian Metro — Montparnasse station, between the train station and the subway station, 130 meters long and 5 m high. These amazing photos are all dedicated to the Indian community called « Bishnoïs » , considered as the first environmentalists of the planet. They live in Rajasthan and still observe the 29 simples rules established in 1485 by Jambhoji — also called « Jambeshwar » or « Djambo ». The most important of these rules are a very special attention to women, and the protection of trees and wild fauna. From that time, the Bishnoïs give 10% of their crops to wild animals, spare water very carefully, worship only one God – Nature — are vegeterian and ignore the casts system. The French writer Irène FRAIN, author of « The Forest of 29 » , a novel dedicated to the saga of Djambo and Bishnoïs, wrote the words of this amazing exhibition. (April 22 to June 15)

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