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    Workers in South Korea & Indonesia Rally on May Day


    by NTDTelevision

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    Workers in South Korea and Indonesia take to the streets over the weekend to commemorate May Day, also known as International Workers' Day. They held peaceful demonstrations to demand better working conditions.

    Workers in South Korea and Indonesia held rallies on Sunday to observe Labor Day. They marched to demand respect and better working conditions.

    Tens of thousands of workers carrying banners and chanting slogans gathered in Seoul.

    [Choi Sam-tae, Rally Leader]:
    "We are marking the 121st anniversary of Labor Day to strengthen solidarity with workers around the world. We urge the government to abolish neoliberalism and conglomerate-friendly policies and strengthen basic rights for workers."

    One thousand riot police were stationed near the rally site, but the demonstration remained peaceful.

    In Indonesia, crowds of May Day rally participants marched and held a motorbike procession to the Presidential Palace in Jakarta under heavy security.

    At one point, some protesters wearing red shirts scuffled with the police but the rally was relatively peaceful.

    [Rudy Daman, Rally Participant]:
    "The general public has been able to see the government's action against workers and migrant workers. The fact is that this government has never been considered pro-labor. For example, our 2003 demands for contract status and the elimination of outsourcing have never been met."

    Higher food prices have been worrying consumers as well as the government in Indonesia.