President Obama's speech on bin Laden in full

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US President Barack Obama's statement in full on the death of Osama bin Laden.


Mr. President,
would you dare to carry out a similar operation if OBL was hiding in Russia ? Callously violating even a weak country's Sovreignity is downright odious, how would you feel if another country did this to you?
By kennethdabrera 4 years ago
How can this mutual hatred be stopped.If it does not stop it can only lead to one outcome
By tareena6 4 years ago
After all that, I bet Americans have NO CLUE why the whole world is so mad at them.
It's like, every time the US are given a chance to do something right, instead they choose the most illegitimate, illegal, outrageous, and violent way to fix things.
By jeancallisti 4 years ago
f u c k you Obama
By aldahya 4 years ago
It is a good thing Bin Laden was taken out...But it is sad that President Obama takes part into this "War against Terrorism" thing. I hoped i never had to hear such a great man use this political move.You cannot go to war against terrorism: You can just fight against it. For the 09/11/2001 to happen, Al'quaida had to have cells in the United States, but i believe US government didn't bomb US territory like they did in other countries. This is just a political move to make citizen smile... Just like my own shitty French government: "Oh my! Kadhafi is a bad man, he killed his own! Let's help the lybian! Let lauch bomb on them!". The show must go on, and they must see us help them for after they give us petroleum!
By Tokamak972 4 years ago
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