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    Series 2 Level 1 Part 8 Cold Play Yellow Guitar Lesson

    Rex Pearson

    by Rex Pearson

    263 views for a full description, more free guitar courses, guitar lessons and a great community of guitarists to help you out or share your experiences with! Now it's time to try out your first song, armed with your guitar chords, a sense of groove and a gritty determination to get this instrument under your fingers. This guitar song lesson is originally by Coldplay and we will be looking at just the main verses. In this song it will use all 3 chords and you will have to be quick on the changes for it to work. Don't worry though you can always come back to songs when you get better and you will wonder what all the fuss was about. Aim to get a rough idea of this song which you can perfect later when we finish the level 1 course