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    Casey Anthony - I Love Me Too, CMA


    by Rumpoleful

    Parody of Tom T. Hall song "I Love"

    I Love Me Too, CMA

    I love tattooed, boys & bars
    little sticker hearts
    the fat on my back, and gas cans.

    I love the job I've never worked
    my ugly ruffled shirts
    duct tape on the roll, and zanny.
    And I love me too.

    I love velveeta by the pound
    flags that wrap around
    showin a mouthful of chewed-up food in pictures, and college.

    I love not havin any class
    whistling dixie out my ass
    stolen blue hoodies on arrest day, and sunglasses.
    And I love me too.

    I love lawyers when they cry
    mothers when they lie
    dads when they're completely stupid, and checkblanks.

    I love commissary food
    in a pyschopathic mood
    using the same tissue at every hearing, and squirrels.
    and I love me too.