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Participant of "Bang Shorts Film Festival" (England, 2010)
Directed and produced by Alex DeBronhe, independent filmmaker, musician and producer.

Symbolic and methaphoric film with several meanings. First - vanishing of the native language, the major national problem. Second generalized meaning is the fate and attempts to overcome oneself, the prejudices and delusions that hamper the person from moving ahead. This is a movement from the one side but it is a deadlock from the other.
At the end of the film the author (camera) falls down, dies, not able to wait until the changes happen. But the titles are made in the reverse order and are divided into three phrases as the Holy Trinity that symbolizes blessing for the best future and hope.

Фильм символ, метафора, которая являет собой сразу несколько лейтмотивов идентификаций. Одна из них - исчезновение родной речи, культуры, самая главная проблема нации.

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