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    Wild ones X99 hack with cheat engine


    oleh SteffieHablitz0908

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    download file here This hack is not permanent and can be taken off by refreshing the page WARNING: this cheat does waste ammo! this is only if you dont have ammo in a weapon. IMPORTANT:once you run out of a weapon i understand that you can press it again.To get it back to x99 go to "choose weapon/manage weapon" put your mouse over the weapon you want x99 on and press/hold "shift + 0-9" its shift + any number you want.once in game if u click the number you saved it as you will be able to use it. EX:gamma ray = shift+1 once im fighting press the number "1" and gamma ray appears as x99 this is called "HOTKEYS" noobs learn to use them like pro's