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Available here: Peace books for children by Honeymoon Press. The author, Tiana Krahn, was born in the UK and currently lives in California with her illuminous daughter and their "crooked cat Fred". When she couldn't find the right book that was sustainable and stylish, and that her daughter could put in her mouth, she decided to create her own. There are two books: peace and love. They are both bright, with adorable images, and wording throughout the book. They are also meant to open up a dialog about what peace and love means in different cultures and languages. You can sing to your kids (or with them), what a great message to send them at this point in time. It leaves the reader - and listener - happy and empowered. These books that teach peace and love by Honeymoon Press are printed on 100% recycled paper which is also 100% chlorine free paper. The ink is vegetable based. Imagine how many things kids and babies put in their mouth, books included, so we better to be safe than sorry! She also said that the the whole point of the company was to make a book that was 100% green. This educational book will sure be popular amongst parents and kids ;-) Below is the a little more detail about what each book teaches: Peace: is a book about peaceful people doing peaceful things. It teaches how to say the word 'peace' in several languages, but also focuses on the ways people find peace in their simple day to day activities. Love: explores the concept of love, and depicts the myriad of ways we experience it. This book shows that love of nature, and of ourselves, and others is all interconnected, as it celebrates loves importance in our lives.

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Enjoyed reading this book with my 5 year old and 3 year old. Pictures and words are so sweet.
By Emma Devi last year