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    Chinese Factories Make U.K. Royal Wedding China


    by NTDTelevision

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    Great Britain's royal wedding is fast approaching. Over the past few months British shop shelves have been flooded with commemorative chinaware. Much of it is being made in Chinese factories. We now take a look at one factory in Tangshan that has been making royal wedding china for Britain.

    It is now only one day until the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Over the past few months Britain's shelves have been flooded with souvenir china to commemorate the occasion.

    Cups and plates printed with the official portrait of the royal couple.

    Much of this chinaware is not manufactured in Britain's traditional ceramics producing heartland of Stoke-on-Trent—it is made in China.

    This factory in Tangshan city in Northwest China has so far sent 45 thousand pieces of royal wedding chinaware to Britain.

    [Li Sufen, Tangshan Hengrui Ceramics]:
    "We took an order of souvenirs for the Swedish princess before, and people liked them very much. And this time, we made souvenirs for the British Royal wedding. We have much more confidence, and it is really a good thing for us to be known in the world."

    For some workers, making the royal crockery has added something new to the job.

    [Lu Jinling, Tangshan Hengrui Ceramics]:
    "I felt excited when I did those plates. It is also something new to work on for me and for the factory. I hope the royal couple will love each other forever."

    The wedding memorabilia is made of bone China. The order took the factory two months to complete and most of it is now on British shop shelves. The company exported products to more than 20 countries and say they hope to expand further.