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    Indian Pilots' Strike Continues


    by NTDTelevision

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    Pilots at Air India continue to be on strike today. They walked off the job at Tuesday at midnight over pay disputes, leaving passengers stranded.

    About 800 pilots in the Indian Commercial Pilots Association continue to be on strike Thursday. They walked off the job on midnight Tuesday, disrupting flights across the country.

    The striking pilots were absorbed into Air India after their former employer Indian Airlines' merger with the current employer.

    Now they say they are being discriminated against, as their salaries are much lower than those of the existing Air India pilots.

    All the cancelled flights are leaving passengers stranded.

    [R. D. Singh, Passenger]:
    "Yesterday morning when we came we had our flight at 9 and at 11 we were transferred to the other flight."

    The Delhi High Court has ordered the pilots to return to work.

    But the pilots say they will continue the strike and approach a higher court to overturn the ruling.

    Meanwhile, disgruntled travelers want the government to intervene.

    [Shiv Kumar, Passenger]:
    "My flight has been cancelled and we are not being provided with any information. I came with my children and I am facing lots of problems. The government should solve the problem for the sake of the passengers."

    Air India has de-recognized the Indian Commercial Pilots Association, and declared their strike illegal.