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    To Will & Kate, Meet Me at Exit 109

    The MuseBox

    by The MuseBox

    New WILL & KATE video /song - Laura Warshauer's "To Will & Kate, Meet Me at Exit 109: Songstress with a Royal Connection LAURA WARSHAUER Unveils Heartfelt Tribute for Will & Kate

    NEW YORK – New Jersey songstress Laura Warshauer will be releasing her tribute single dedicated to the royal couple, Will and Kate. Laura met her classmates Will and Kate during her freshman year at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. Inspired by her experiences there, and while reflecting on her lifelong journey as a singer-songwriter growing up in New Jersey, she felt compelled to write this moving song.

    The video includes photos of the royal couple that Laura took when she was a fellow student with
    them at St Andrews College in Scotland! It's a touching story from when they first met.