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    Fletcher Henderson Charley My Boy 1924


    przez grzegorz240252

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    Ron Youngman
    i love this version of this great tune. i have others, but they don't compare; although, i do like billy murray's version. thanks for a wonderful vid.
    Przez Ron Youngman5 lat temu
    Most welcome and yes Grzegorz, those matrix exchanges were a common practice, probably for cost efficiency reasons. Even today labels often exchange and license other companies' recordings, issuing them (often at budget price) on some budget series. It should be noted that Regal was of British origin but that the label also existed in several other countries as a local Columbia offspring (a.o. Spain, China)
    Przez kspm0220s5 lat temu
    Patrick, Lou, thank you for Patrick's explanation. I always thought, Regal was an American so called "cheap label" like Oriole or Cameo. I'm ashamed to say that, but Patrick was the first one to let me know, Regal was British! From Patrick's explanation the situation looks just like Victor-HMV with their two-way exchange of matrixes. Or in France - Columbia and Odeon. I think, there was also for some time a kind of a business merge between Brunswick /Decca UK branches. Amazing are the tricks all these record tycoons used in turn of 1920/30s to survive on the dying record market. In Poland, Syrena in early 1930s used to make cross-issues with Odeon - which is totally crazy to me, as Odeon was a strong world company while Syrena was a much smaller and national enterprise. It shows, that Odeon also must have had a dropping sales rate in this part of Europe. The whole series of cross-recordings between Polish Parlophon, Odeon and Homocord were a regular practice.
    Przez grzegorz2402525 lat temu
    For your information Lou: Regal Records was a British record label founded in 1914 as a subsidiary of the UK branch of Columbia Records known as Columbia Graphophone Company. From 1932 on it was merged with the British Zonophone label and became Regal Zonophone, following the merger of those labels' respective parent companies - Columbia Graphophone Company and Gramophone Company - to form EMI. Hence the Regal label... As for the performacne, it was brilliant! Thank you as well for the gorgeous visuals, Grzegorz.
    Przez kspm0220s5 lat temu
    Was wondering where this came from since most early Fletcher Henderson's are on Columbia,then I saw the Regal label.
    Przez Lou5 lat temu
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