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    The Lost Books Of The Bible


    by gracewmercy

    I made this video because i get tired of hearing people say that if its not in the bible (king james) then its a lie from the devil well history seems to say otherwise as well as the bible people tend to remember when YAHUSHUA said not to add to the word but forget he said not to take away either Revelation 22:18-19 so called christians seem to worship king james more than they do king YAHUSHUA.Scriptures in the bible that speaks of books that are not there in: Book of the Covenant:Exodus 24:7 Book of the Wars of the Lord:Numbers 21:14 Book of Jasher: Joshua 10:13 and 2 Samuel 1:18 The Manner of the Kingdom / Book of Statutes:1 Samuel 10:25 Book of Samuel the Seer:1 Chronicles 29:29 Nathan the Prophet:1 Chronicles 29:29 and 2 Chronicles 9:29 Acts of Solomon:1 Kings 11:41 Shemaiah the Prophet: 2 Chronicles 12:15 Prophecy of Abijah:2 Chronicles 9:29 Story of Prophet Iddo:2 Chronicles 13:22 Chronicles 12:15 Book of Jehu:2 Chronicles 20:34 Book of Enoch: Jude 1:14-15 and more