Moonstruck-Bob Causer and His Cornellians


by Lou

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Moonstruck by Bob Causer and His Cornellians(Freddy Martin) with Elmer Feldkamp on the vocal.From "College Humor"(Coslow+Johnson.Recorded in NYC,on Oriole 2715B,June 14-1933.


Genia, they sure had; surprisingly nose surgery has been performed since Ancient times (India, Rome...); by 1933 rhinoplasty was almost as highly developed as today.
By kspm0220s 4 years ago
Lou, yes I'm stunned how many you've unveiled already :-)
By kspm0220s 4 years ago
Brilliant !!
Thanks for sharing.
By Walter Gray 4 years ago
Patrickk,I wish I had $100 for every Elmer Feldkamp vocal I've found and the IRS didn't find out.MERCI
Moonlover,the Progressive liberals have outlawed Big Mac's+Fries.(bad for slim figures).Wolfie was hiding in the Forest waiting for Little Red Riding Hood with a "granny" hat on.
By Lou 4 years ago
Patrick, Why is it that EXQUISITE ELMER never gets top billing? He make the song WONDERFUL. Patrick, Did they do nose jobs in 1933?
By Genia 4 years ago
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