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    Former Ballet Dancer Enjoys Shen Yun with Family


    by NTDTelevision

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    The Sobocki family came to see Shen Yun in Stockholm - in spite of the nice weather.

    Mr. Sobocki was happy that he was convinced to come and see the show.

    [Mr Sobocki, Senior Vice President, Truck Company]:

    "I´m very impressed I must say, I´m very happy that you convinced me to come here, I said why should we spoil this beautiful sunny Monday, but after the show I´m very happy I came here. I really enjoyed it, I think it was beautiful the dance, and also the design of the clothes and everything. I really enjoyed it."

    Daughter Felicia Sobocki former professional dancer and now running her own company.

    [Felicia Sobocki, CEO & Former Professional Ballet Dancer]:

    "It´s very difficult sometimes and I can see, as I am a dancer myself, that they are very, very good dancers. And all these kind of jumps and acrobatic things they do it´s amazing, really. And also I feel a bit bad because I can´t do that."

    Shen Yun will end it's visit to Sweden with a fourth performance on Wednesday.

    NTD News, Stockholm Sweden