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    Use the Index Manager in cPanel | cPanel Index Manager

    Brad Costello

    by Brad Costello


    Visit VodaHost to learn how to use the Index Manager in cPanel.

    Scroll down your cPanel hosting screen and select Index Manager under the Advanced section. To navigate the directory to setup Index Manager, first select public_html folder. Then select the directory to setup the Index Manager. There are 4 settings to select: Default System Setting, No Indexes, Standard Indexing and Fancying Indexing

    Select the No Indexes setting, if you do not want the data of the directory viewed. And select Save. The page will verify that the Index Settings is now updated. Select Go Back to return to the previous screen.

    To modify the setting to the default settings, just select Default System Setting and select Save. The Index Manager setting is now updated.

    Select the Home icon to return to the main page of the cPanel hosting screen. Through VodaHost hosting you are now aware how to setup Index Directory protection in cPanel.