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    You've got to remember John, people have seen different things


    by james32_

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    Easy to see why Jo changed her mind during the noms - retribution on Corin!Jo bitched about John when she first entered the house, but changed her mind later and grew to like him - sensible girl! It was so funny that no-one nominated John that week -think he'd expected Corin to give him a bucket-load too - could understand it though - but John couldn't! Thanks James XXX
    By Bran845 years ago
    I am surprised that they both liked Jo as she was always bitching about John James .... miss John James :-( but will continue to support them both love em
    By giwwy5 years ago
    why didnt she then nominate him. she's scared john. he's really a good housemate.and very loyal but not with josie at the moment. i dont know what to say. am confused , com x
    By 24mahal5 years ago