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    Organic Mist


    by EcoBold

    free shipping and discount here: This organic facial rose mist has many wonderful qualities, it is Ph balanced and works for all skins types: dry skin, oily skin, acne skin (me!), sensitive skin and even premature skin - what on Earth is premature skin? Is it baby skin?. Moreover, it does not contain any synthetic chemicals (aka no lab made chemicals), and they're also great for your skin. Rose mist comes from rose water and has been used for centuries due to its many calming qualities, which I'd say are good to keep you below stress levels on a Monday morning. But they say that because it is astringent, anti-bacterial and antiseptic, calming properties are good to control skin irritation and redness. At this price you can't even find skincare products that are bad for you, minus well good ones, so enjoy while it lasts! This is a great facial product that will hydrate your skin in the morning, evening and throughout the day. It's made in India, not China. Its aromatherapy quality refreshes and relaxes stressed facial muscles and helps the face look calmer, younger and hydrated. Its anti-aging (sold!) properties can hydrate skin to look plump and younger. In conclusion, Taj Rose Mist is a balancing toner that has natural cleansing and refreshing properties, the good thing about a mist is that you you can use it at any time, and before or after moisturizing your face. Coupon code is included in the discount price and you are also lucky to get free shipping. A little from their site: This Rose Water Mist is pure steam distilled Rose Water with traces of Rose oil, made from legendary Damask Rose. It can be used on all types of skin and all year around. How to Use - it can either be sprayed onto your fingertips or cotton balls and applied to the skin with light, upward strokes followed by a moisturizer. It may also be used as a finishing step in a skin cleaning regimen. Gently spray directly over your entire face, throat and neck after bathing or ...