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    Jacque Fresco VS Peter Joseph: Peter Joseph Has No Idea What to Do


    by sirjameskush

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    Ioan Bucur
    I would say that if Zeitgeist movie didn't exist, Venus projects would be a lot less known. Saying you don't need Peter Joseph is not completely ok, with the success of Zeitgeist. Jaque Fresco name got known to a lot of people because of Peter Joseph. And that has its merits. It could have been done better, I agree with that buy that's the case with everything.
    By Ioan Bucur2 years ago
    Selie Vandeeck
    Peter joseph lies with fresco, he stole the worlk of fresco, for this mouvement, for money after the second movie but not social revolution, it's chocking. sorry for my bad english
    By Selie Vandeeck3 years ago