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    The Alienz Я Coming [RE:Abducted]

    PausaManzo thaBEEF

    by PausaManzo thaBEEF

    Better get back, 'cause it'll be dark soon.They mostly come at night..mostly!!

    Contains footage from:
    Apocalypto -
    Saturday Night Fever -
    Zulu -
    David Attenborough : (BBC) Life in the Undergrowth - Ants -
    Aliens -
    King Kong -
    "Army Ants"= Video for Tom Waits' "Army Ants" from ORPHANS. Directed by Daniel Mercadante -
    Evil Dead II -
    Evil Dead -
    Predator -
    Aliens -
    Robot scene excerpt taken from Retard_O_Tron -
    Domovoid's artwork -

    Contains Audio from:
    Unknown title tracks from = Hellfish - The DJ Producer - Teknoist - Dolphin edited by PausaManzo thaBEEF