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    Better Reception with Straight Talk Prepaid According to Dave


    by aknight4ever



    I really had a problem with my contract and decided to change to Straight Talk unlimited, I thought my company would give me problems as I no longer get detailed billing to prove company calls but they did not mind paying $45 as it was far cheaper than when I was on contract. The only problem I have is I keep on forgetting to top up my airtime, does ST have an automatic refill option?
    By Americo20115 years ago
    Great testimonial right here. Straight talk really seems to offer some of the best rates and plans on the cell phone market. There really arent that many good cell phone services out there currently. Straight talk is a good service phone company.
    By reidlasper5 years ago
    They say im crazy but i really do prefer straight talk. I had one of those fancy phones but i couldnt afford my life when i was using the expensive phones. Right now straight talk is really helping the quality of my life. Straight talk is doing nothing but good things for my wallet right now.
    By Firtnow2345 years ago
    This pairing you speak of, is going to be especially good, and better, if the AT&T and T Mobile merger goes through. Straight takl havent had access to Tmobiles network before. What it will also do, is alleviate the pressures that straight talk's smart phones, and unlimited plan have put on AT&T's infrastructure.
    By Ringolese5 years ago