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    Straight Talk Prepaid - When You've Had Enough of Contracts


    by aknight4ever



    How things have changed from when I was a child, a phone was a landline and only the super rich had car phones. Nowadays I must fight with my 16 year old about contracts bills etc. I have moved her off contract and onto Straight Talk $30 for 1000 min which is really great because I am looking at upgrading my phone and am considering a smartphone. What smartphone seems to be the better but no exceeding $200?????
    By RichardBerry5 years ago
    @BabyblackPearl There were a lot of Walmarts with especially the Nokia e71 on the shelves, a bit more than three months is my guess. Regarding the samsung r451 - it's a goodish business phone that runs on verizon's (not the fast EVDO version) network. It's by no means a smart phone, but good for getting by, and getting things done.
    By Herulesy5 years ago
    @Ringolese - They did have, for a super short time, a decent SmartPhone - Nokia E71. The thing I guess their supply is super limited because it was on the website and then gone like a month later and I never saw it actually at Walmart. Honestly, I hope their phones catch up to their network since its silly to have such "great" coverage and nothing to use on it. Heard anything about the Samsung R451? Any good?
    By BabyBlackPearl5 years ago
    Well, the state of the art cell phones you're talking of, haven't been on the shelves for quite some time now. My guess is twofold; either AT&T called ST in for putting too much undue pressures on their network, or..ST wasn't prepared for the smart phone onslaught, and just don't have the phones.
    By Ringolese5 years ago