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    Great Feature by Straight Talk Prepaid


    by aknight4ever



    @ Americo2011, my guess about the smart phones is that Straight talk bring out special offers every now and again so as not to flood the market with data gobbling gadgets. This is maybe to avoid the same problem that happened with ATT when they intro duced their iPhone for the first time and their network took a knock. I reckon you won't have long to wait before the next introduction of a smart phone is made. But, when you do see it - grab it quick.
    By Crealoe5 years ago
    This sounds like such a good option, I would not be using it but my son is going to Israel at the end of this year so I will strongly be considering it. Does the $10 cover an entire month? @Herulesy I was seriously considering getting a smartphone, does that mean that Straight Talk no longer works off smartphones or only specific smartphones? Where can I find out?
    By Americo20115 years ago
    @ Ringolese - what nokia e71's mate? They haven't seen the inside of a walmart store for months now. Whatever claim Straight talk used to have about having smart phones, is for now merely a memory. I think th sim card swappability of those phones is what got ST into a little trouble in the first place. Too many iPhones were running off the unlimited ST plan, and putting more strain on AT&T's network.
    By Herulesy5 years ago
    @ Macedomiamadien. Unfortunately you can't use a Straight talk phone outside the country. Only the two nokia smart phones could seperate their sim cards from the actual phone, which does allow you to add a local sim card into your phone.
    By Ringolese5 years ago
    I'm kind of confused about one aspect of the service, although I'm really glad to hear there is finally another option for international service besides calling cards. What I'm confused about is whether you actually have to be a Straight Talk customer beforehand in order to get the service - I think you don't from the commerical, but not sure. Also, I wonder if you can use the phone while in other countries instead of jsut calling to them. Either way, it seems like a good deal.
    By MacedoniaMadien5 years ago
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