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    Organic Pasta


    by EcoBold

    Get it here with free shipping: This organic pasta is very easy to make and it's a healthy pasta recipe that can help boost your metabolism to get you ready for a detox or even to get enough carbs for a race the next morning. It's a quick recipe to make (prep time is 15 minutes, cook time is 5 minutes) and you or your guests will love. This pasta kit comes with many herbs and seasonings. Great for anyone who enjoys cooking or eating and wants to make sure the ingredients are of great quality. Kit Includes: 2 lbs of 100% Organic Angel Hair Pasta Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 16oz Organic Black Pepper (Whole) - 2oz Organic Dill Seed - 1.5oz Organic Thyme - 1.5oz Greek Seasoning - 2oz Garlic Salt - 1oz Recipe Card for Mediterranean Spring Pasta Salad Enough for 4-6 people