charges of conspiracy theory

Marshall Thomas
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Conspiracy Theory:
The four facts used as the bare bones case for nonlethal weapons crimes by military intelligence are historical facts and real physical evidence. One; public microwave weapons exist. Two; A prior pattern of similar criminal behavior. Three; Credible witnesses have testified. Four; Alleged criminals in military intelligence. The four facts are all that is necessary to convince a reasonable person that these crimes are real and must be stopped at all costs. It is inevitable that critics who are unable to challenge these four facts will avoid doing so by using name calling, personal smear, and a familiar refrain...conspiracy theory. Shouting conspiracy theory loudly, and repeating it at every opportunity allows people to avoid using or confronting logical arguments and facts on their own merits. To put this charge to rest it will be necessary for the author to run the gauntlet of bizarre theories, borderline beliefs, and conspiracy theories.


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